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What people are saying

" Very simple, straightforward, and quick read. I say take notes and keep some of this information in your car. Also keep notes in a book to pass down to your children and family members. ALWAYS keep a record."

Samantha T

" This is scary for me but since I’ve been following you on Tik Tok I have become more confident."

Highlyfav B

" Thank you for such a Nobel undertaking you have shouldered with such grace!!!! Being a woman who used to train pilots in the Air Force I know what it’s like to be in a field of men and trying to be just one of the guys, doesn’t work. Your light, intelligent, and witty delivery of your lessons amaze me!!! Having followed you, I know I got this! Much Love and Respect."

Shawnalee P

" WOW great INFO!! I was going down a different rabbit hole when I ran into Anelia God bless you and all your amazing work! Looking into being financially free “debt” free I truly wish I had the money to follow down your road but for now I’ll be studying all that I can!!! Thank you for your due diligence! Hard work pays off! Your work is Amazing!!!"

Angel N

Who is Anelia Sutton?

Anelia is the founder of Mission Possible University to help laypeople know their legal rights and gain financial independence without any confusing legalese..

She began doing legal research after her daughter was railroaded in court with lies -- an abusive tactic used by corrupt public officials who routinely violate people who don't know their legal rights.

Anelia is determined to level the playing field by normalizing jurisprudence (study of law) and elevating personal finances through building generational wealth.

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