Who: Claimants who were harmed by the Child Support Agencies in the United States of America


Why: Claimants were subjected to inhumane treatment during their child support orders including deprivation of rights and violations, against millions of people, not limited to:

  • Wrongful deaths by a warrant
  • Wrongful deaths by suicide
  • Wrongful deaths by homicide
  • Defamation of character
  • Privacy law
  • Due process law
  • Child safety law
  • Equal protection laws
  • Parental alienation
  • Mental distress
  • Public endangerment by police enforcement
  • Rampart corruption
  • Criminal offenses by officials

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Where: The class-action lawsuit will be filed in Maryland federal court for the initially estimated damages of $672B ($32B x 21 years)

According to the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), states collected approximately $32 billion on behalf of the 14.7 million children served by child support enforcement programs across the country during FY 2018.




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Potential Settlement: To Be Determined


Assemble a Team:  vetted legal researchers,  constitutional lawyers who will be thoroughly vetted and approved after they sign a co-counsel agreement granting paramount position and priority loyalty to ALL claimants above ALL State courts.

Conduct Investigations: the team will investigate each state, each child support agency, each violation

Create the Body of Evidence:  the reports from the investigations will provide proof that child support is doing more harm than good and it is an abject failure to the American people and families

Submit Legal Briefs to the Court

Get Court Approval

Set up a new website to share information, updates, and a portal for plaintiffs to submit a claim on http:/

Expose child support cruelty and genocide to non-custodial parents

Shut down child support for good

Send 100% of the equally divided damages among ALL claimants



Submit legal briefs to the United Nations for Crimes Against Humanity

Submit legal briefs to the United States Congress (Redress for Remonstrance)

Submit legal briefs to court on an individual basis (Amicus Curae)

Submit legal briefs to court in the interest of justice  (Amicus Curae)




It is going to take a village and a tremendous amount of financial resources to make this dream a reality.  It is time to shut down the child support enforcement program and this class action aims to make it happen.

Most class action claimants receive a small portion of the settlement after the legal team pays themselves a king's ransom. This is the standard operating procedure for the legal industry. As a legal advocate, I find their modus operandi as immoral and disgusting and I refuse to operate in that manner.

As a legal advocate, I believe the claimants deserve 100% of the settlement. Therefore, the legal team for the child support class action will be paid directly by the book proceeds from my book. I will provide the link below.


If you want to support the child support class action lawsuit and want to see it succeed then the only contribution I ask is for you to purchase a copy of my book for yourself. If you're able, buy a copy to send to a brother or sister who is incarcerated for non-payment of child support.  Your small investment can lead to big change when the child support class action is empowered to move forward with the lawsuit.


Everything I do has to be a win-win for all parties involved so when you purchase a copy of my book, it  will achieve two things;

(1) Empower the child support class action team to make this dream a reality

(2) Empower you with the knowledge to protect yourself and your loved ones


ALL proceeds from the book will provide wages for the class action team because I want 100% of the settlement award to go to ALL claimants.

"Bottom line, the class action lawsuit will be an expensive lawsuit due to the anticipated pushback from the various state agency representatives who operate through violence, fear tactics, threats and lies. 

I have to pay the class action team while they provide their services.  Therefore, the child support class action work will begin when 1 Million copies of my book is sold.

Remember 'the workman is worthy of his hire'. I believe they deserve to be paid what they’re worth.

If everyone who knew someone who was harmed by the child enforcement program purchased one copy of this book, the child support class action team would be funded in less than one hour. If you don’t agree, kindly go somewhere else and leave me in peace."



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I've done my part.

The rest is up to you.

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Please spread the news all over social media that justice is coming.

Use #childsupportclassaction as much as possible.





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The system is rigged. And even though I know how to beat the monsters, they don't fight fair and they don't give up easily. Child Support Enforcement uses their relationship with law enforcement to vilify good people. They have weaponized legal processes to slander, dehumanize, and jail innocent people They're not going to stop until their sadistic practices are exposed in this class action. It's not going to be easy to stop an evil agenda already in progress. In fact, it's going to be one hell of a battle for us to beat them at their own game. This means it is going to take an entire village of people who want justice.

That's why impact matters. Unity is the answer because there's strength in numbers. Together we can do what we can never do alone. By helping me to build a large platform on social media it will help us to lift the veil of secrecy, help us endure the journey, and win this battle.

If you help me to reach 100K followers on Tik Tok, I will select ONE follower for a free child support consultation. My selection will be random on the day we achieve 100K Followers so keep sharing my videos and encourage people to follow me.

I wish that I could help everyone for free but it's simply not possible. Why? Because (1) every case is different and requires time-consuming legal research that can last for weeks or months. (2) No one can sustain working for free. No one.  So this is my way of giving back in a sustainable way.



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I appreciate your patience and thank you for your support on this important issue,



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