Anelia is a neuro-divergent activist, educator and legal researcher on a mission to empower people with exciting content that makes the law easy and fun. With thousands of success stories, Anelia earned the title "champion of truth."

While pursuing a doctorate degree and earning 45 of the 60 credits, Anelia made the decision to withdraw from graduate school due to overwhelming grief following two family tragedies. That decision forever altered her path and led her to discover law as her true passion.

Anelia has successfully dispelled the notion that the law is some sacred secret reserved only for attorneys and judges and opened Mission Possible University for laypeople (non-attorneys) to know their rights and hold corrupt officials accountable to the law.


Anelia has 4 degrees, including an honorary doctorateand later adopted the title "Dr." in honor of Dr. Sebia self-taught healer who was charged with practicing medicine without a license and later acquitted when the state couldn't prove he had given medical advice and more than 70 people testified in court to being relieved by Dr. Sebi’s unconventional diet. 

Anelia has been prominently featured in more than 240 media outlets and web portals, including NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, Huffington Post, and Forbes. She is a renowned activist, dedicated humanitarian, and accomplished bestselling author, notably co-authoring the book "Performance 360" alongside Richard Branson. As a result of her remarkable journey in the U.S. Navy, Anelia became a military veteran with an honorable discharge after 11 years of dedicated service earning numerous military medals and awards.

In the final year of her doctoral program two family tragedies shattered Anelia and sparked a movement. Anelia's legal research, shared on social media, captivated and inspired a vast audience, reaching thousands of people. The empowering content she provided sparked a surge in demand for legal education, leading to her becoming the founder of IRON Sharpens IRON Council and Mission Possible University.

Anelia Carmila Sutton, born on December 25, 1968, in the Republic of Panama. She is the daughter of a Mestizo-Panamanian (Native American and Afro-Latina) mother and an Afro-Panamanian father. She became a naturalized American in 1989.

After the tragic death of her sister, Marcia Magdalena Williams, an innocent bystander who was fatally gunned down by a stray bullet on her way home after a visit with our mother..  "Despite the years since her murder in 1991, I still miss my sister dearly and will continue to feel the loss of her presence for the rest of my life. I keep some of her home decorations in my home, I have some of her clothing hanging in my closet, and one of her favorite artworks she painted in high school has been with me to keep her memory alive. I think about her everyday and there isn't one day that I don't think."   

Anelia 2

Anelia set aside her dream to open her own restaurant to help raise her sister’s three children. Later, Anelia also deferred another dream to earn a doctorate degree in the aftermath of two family tragedies: Her daughter was arrested and railroaded in court with lies and her niece succumbed to kidney cancer which caused Anelia to spend three years consumed with grief. She built her career in business management spanning more than 15 years and she was responsible for the development of private and government organizations prior to starting her own company.

After years of trial and error and targeted by many scammers who Anelia refers to as "the scalawags", she emerged with foundational knowledge that increased her confidence and all she wanted to do was to help others to experience the same breakthroughs without the years of stress she had to overcome. That's when Anelia started a Facebook group which evolved into her websites three years later. None of it was planned and it's been a learning experience every step of the way.

Anelia spent the next 10 years in legal search for answers to what happened to her daughter, which led her to start IRON Sharpens IRON Council (IRON2)an organization for social justice through legal education. The name is a blend between the power of love and the power of unity to symbolize an alignment with Anelia's desire to create space for like-minded people in a council (group of equals) moving together for the good of all and everyone has a seat at the table.

The IRON2 organization began as a small community on Facebook Group that developed into a significant destination for inspiring people to take peaceful action and a creative outlet for self-determined people. Anelia conducted livestreams and courses in the group. To keep up with demand Anelia started her own school appropriately named Mission Possible University (MPU) to empower people through her online courses.

For a while, Anelia operated with the alias "Anne Smith" to protect her privacy, then later changed her name publicly to using the name on her birth certificate. "When I learned the truth about our rights I started sharing it on social media. Right away I created the name "Anne Smith". Since then, I use the name "Anne Smith" as the secret identity for my comic book superhero named Sunshine Reign."


Anelia firmly believe that love is the answer and joy is the blessing. She is inspired by people with an ethos (guiding principles and beliefs) that all people have a shared duty and responsibility to uplift humanity in our local community and in society.

Dr. Mary Mcloud Bethune  was an educator, civil rights activist, humanitarian, and philanthropist. She received honorary doctorates from eight colleges and from that point she would be known as Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune.

Dr. Sebi is a self-taught healer who wasn't a doctor, yet he won a lawsuit after he was charged with practicing medicine without a license when 70 people he healed through unconventional practices testified in court.



Anelia's social media content simplify the complex world of law for people to become confident and empowered and protected from corrupt court officials. 

"I struggled for years and ended up getting scammed out of thousands of dollars from self-proclaimed legal "experts" and "gurus". I was easy prey for scammers and one scammer told me that I had to pay him “the stupid tax” as he ran off with my $5,000. Sadly, these unkind personalities use people as a crash test dummy for their unproven and untrustworthy legal theories only to abandon you or worse — get you arrested. It was humiliating and I felt robbed of my dignity. The worst part was I felt like giving up. But I held on and pushed through because I really wanted to learn how the law worked to help myself and the people I care about."


"After years of legal research, my ability to reduce 500 page documents down to 1 page blueprints became a superpower. But I didn't begin studying law because I wanted to become a lawyer or paralegal. It was because I was the victim of a corrupt judge in a family court matter and a corrupt prosecutor in a criminal court case. After I witnessed the bold lies and false evidence in open court, I knew something was terribly wrong with the system. I wanted to do something about it but I found myself feeling lost and confused."

  • 1982 - Dear Father lost to stomach cancer
  • 1986 - High School Diploma, South Shore High School 
  • 1991 - Dear Sister killed by a stray bullet during random gun violence
  • 1993 - Le Diplome D'Esthetique, Yvonne De Vilar Scientific Skin Care
  • 1999 - Business Development Certificate, Howard University
  • 2000 - Declaration of Financial Empowerment, Black Enterprise
  • 2006 - The Chairman's Circle, The Oxford Club
  • 2007 - Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition, Clayton College of Natural Health
  • 2008 - Bachelor of Science, Excelsior College
  • 2009 - Master of Business Administration, Northcentral University
  • 2011 - Post-Master's Certificate, Northcentral University
  • 2013 - Dear Daughter arrested while involuntarily intoxicated by prescription drugs
  • 2014 - Withdrew from graduate school with 45 out of 60 credits due to family tragedies
  • 2015 - America’s Premier Experts Award featured in Forbes Magazine
  • 2015 - Dear Daughter railroaded in court with lies and committed to a state hospital
  • 2016 - Adopted stage name "Anne Smith" on social media to protect daughter's identity
  • 2017 - Founder of IRON Sharpens IRON Council
  • 2017 - Dear Niece lost to kidney cancer
  • 2018 - Honorable Discharge, United States Navy
  • 2018 - Withdrew from graduate school with 45 out of 60 credits after two family tragedies
  • 2019 - Legal Researcher with 10,000+ hours of legal research
  • 2020 - Founder of Mission Possible University
  • 2021 - Humanitarian Rights Education Certificate, USIDHR
  • 2021 - Clear Her Name published under pen name Anne Smith
  • 2022 - Changed name on books and social media channels to legal name Anelia Sutton
  • 2023 - Honorary Doctorate, Abide University
  • 2023 - Changed name to Dr. Anelia Sutton in honor of Dr. Bethune and Dr. Sebi