In 2023, after receiving an honorary doctorate Anelia changed her social media channels to Dr. Anelia Sutton in honor of Dr. Sebi, a self-taught, natural health healer who wasn't a doctor according to Western medicine or certification. He cured himself from mental illness, impotency and obesity with herbs and diet.  
Dr. Sebi was born Alfredo Bowman in Honduras where the locals started calling him "Dr. Sebi" after they saw him heal illnesses. In 1988 he was accused of practicing medicine without a license.  More than 70 people testified to being relieved of their diagnosis after following Dr. Sebi’s diet. He won the lawsuit when the state could not prove he had given medical diagnoses. 

Dr. Sebi was later accused of money laundering and imprisoned until his death in 2016 from pneumonia. 

People saw Dr. Sebit as a champion of the truth and a sage who taught with humility and love.  His mission was to educate and inspire our communities. 

“I’m not better than you, I’m not wiser than you. I was always a different person. I disagree with everything. I disagree with everything. Everything I heard I disagree with. At 14, I made a statement that I was going to do something to help humanity. But when I made that statement, I also knew that I was going to come up against the established or prevailing philosophy of life. That I knew at 14 years of age. I didn’t know that one day that I will become the person that I’m known for today — the healer. I didn’t know that."

Nipsey Hussle, a rap artist who was working on a documentary about Dr. Sebi, was murdered and Nipsey's death as well as Dr. Sebi’s death have been taken by some as proof that shadowy forces are conspiring to suppress the truth about Sebi’s remedies.