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February 10



I began doing legal research when my daughter was railroaded in court lies. It’s been a long journey filled with every human emotion from anger to outrage.  I was angry at the justice system and the people who were responsible for perpetration a fraud in court. I can’t tell you how many nights I cried myself to sleep balled up in a fetal position.  It took many years of meditation to dissolve the hurt and pain which is still a work in progress.

My saving grace was in serving others. It happened when I began sharing my legal research on social media.  I helped people to navigate the countless violations in their legal matters and my passion for justice continued to grow from there.  I took back my power by helping others to take back their power. The most rewarding part of my journey is knowing that I am having a positive impact on so many people.


I made the choice to feed the right wolf — and freed a nation of people. It is my legacy.  I was inspired by the Two Wolves in my own journey in legal research.



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