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Our online courses provide knowledge in law and personal finance that was previously reserved for attorneys and financial advisers. The educational opportunity will teach you how to secure your rights in the halls of justice and how to build generational wealth so you'll never be a target again.


Anelia Sutton is the top legal strategist in matters of the law. She is a gifted educator for the beginner, intermediate and advanced legal researcher in search for answers to legal matters. If you desire one-on-one consultation with Anelia's team for guidance, please click the button to schedule a private consultation now.


I am an advocate, not an attorney. This coaching service include one mock trial, document preparation, and reputation management in and out of the courthouse for a total of 4 hours. I can't guarantee you will win. No one can do that. If they do, run. However, I can guarantee you will learn how to navigate the legal system confidently and how to hold court officials accountable to the law. Hit the button, submit payment, and I will contact you within 48 hours with your portal access.


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