Powerful Advocate.

Peaceful Gladiator.

I'm a coach. I'm not trying to be the answer. I want to help you to see the answer you can't see on your own. It is a calling and the best part is seeing you experience growth and life-changing epiphanies. When I began legal research after my daughter was railroaded in court with lies -- it was overwhelming and confusing. Today, my mission is to empower 1M people by simplifying the complex world of law. You can go further and faster from beginner to legal gladiator without overwhelming or confusing legalese.

Anelia Sutton, Founder, Mission Possible University and #1 Self-Help Legal & Wealth Coach! 


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This is a textbook to build your knowledge in law. By the last page, you'll know more about law than a roomful of lawyers and judges.

Want to learn how to shut down corrupt cops and hold judges accountable to the law? This mini-course is next-level knowledge to enter the court with confidence!

Learn private banking secrets with bonus templates to get rid of car payments, and mortgage payments and stop foreclosures! 

Bonus: Diplomatic Immunity Secrets to protect yourself and your loved ones!

The ultimate protection from rogue officials is knowing your rights combined with wealth you'll no longer be an easy target. While they're busy running the justice system and the financial industry to the ground, you and your loved ones will be safe and protected from attack with two courses: Diplomatic Immunity Secrets + Private Banking Secrets.