January 15

The Cure for Hypocritical Moments


There are people out there that have hypocritical moments…

Financial advisers who turned out to be hypocrites:

  • Robert Kiyosaki filing bankruptcy
  • Suze Orman launching a prepaid credit card
  • Donald Trump’s company declaring bankruptcy 4 times
  • Ray Lucia, author of Buckets of Money, charged by SEC as misleading

Athletes who turned out to be hypocrites:

  • Lance Armstrong admits to doping
  • Marion Jones (and many other Olympic medalists on list here)

Elected public officials who turned out to be hypocrites:

  • Bill Clinton admitted to adultery after vehement public denials
  • General Petraeus admitted to adulterous affair

Too many other categories who turned out to be hypocrites:

  • Scandalous pastors who cheated on taxes and their marriage bed
  • Celebrities with million dollar paychecks caught stealing

Although these people achieved much success but ultimately disappointed the millions of us who looked up to them it should not have come as a surprise when they fell from grace. No one is infallible. We all make mistakes. Even those we hold in high esteem.  Be it celebrity or preacher. They are still people.

Here’s my unsolicited advise:

  • Do your best. Whatever that may be for YOU.
  • Do not stand in judgement of others.
  • Do trust in the Lord with all your heart. You will never be disappointed.




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