August 21

5 Ways Parents Can Make A Bad First Impression on the First Day of School



So, it’s back to school time and like most parents, I’m celebrating this momentous occasion by shopping for school supplies, sangria, and new clothes. The clothes are for me because thankfully the boy wears a uniform.  When we arrive to school I see the most sloppy bunch of people wearing things that looked like the cat coughed it up. I mean, come on people. If I can do it –me –the pajama-wearing-work at home mom –can clean myself up long enough to present myself in public –then surely you can too.  On with the list…

1. Sloppy Appearance

Everyone has grungy days. But full pajama including slippers to drop the kids off at school? More parents do this than anyone realizes. If you never leave your car, I guess there’s no harm but what if you need to go inside?  I witnessed a mother standing in front of the administrative office in full sleep regalia complete with dirty bunny slippers, the drooping ears dragging on the rain-slicked linoleum silently begging to be put out of their misery.
2. Poor Manners

How many times do parents tell their children to say “please” and “thank you” or to not interrupt people when they are speaking? It would be a wonder if some parents practiced what they preached. I witnessed two parents stand in front of their child’s teacher yelling and sarcastically instructing the teacher on how to “work” with their child the way they like…this was after openly calling the school administration “stupid” and the staff  “useless”  right in front of the children. I guess this was par for the course when hanging out with Mommy in school. Ridiculous.


3. Being Loud and Rude

How can a loud parent get a loud child to lower their voice in a school? Out volume them, of course! I’ve seen parents supposedly attempting to shush their loud child in the classroom by just getting louder to tell them to quiet down. Here’s what these parents don’t understand: they are more disruptive than their children and people go to class to read and study, not listen to a shouting match.  Quietly lead your child into the hallway or stairwell then you can commence the serious azz whooping out there.

4. Passivity

I know, I know…all parents relax the reigns from time to time.  But, allowing children to run heats up and down the hall of a busy school on the first day (or any other day for that matter)  is just chaos. If your children have aspirations to become the next Usain Bolt, take them to a track. In school, reign them in.

5. Gossiping

Parents should communicate with one another in school but gossip, especially about children is no way to break the ice. No parent wants to hear how Johnny threw up during a field trip or Susie doesn’t want to visit her dad on weekends because there’s a rumor he’s an alcoholic. Talking behind everyone’s back just makes people avoid the gossiper (and people have something to talk about behind their back.)


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