February 9



I launched Mission Possible University to spread awareness that everyone can learn how to make the law work without hiring an attorney.

Mission Possible University

The proceeds from everything I offer will be used to fund social projects: 


(1) produce social justice films starting with a book-to-film documentary of my book!

Click Here to Review my book Clear Her Name


(2) Create a new holiday and equal protection laws and file class-action lawsuits against the various government agents at the local county, state, and federal levels for crimes against humanity!

Click Here to Review the new holiday called Lifus Day

Click Here to Review the Buck Injustice Act

Click Here to Review the complete plan to file a Child Support Class Action


(3) build a new advanced city as a micronation operated by a community trust and treaty with the U.N. and host country!  

Click Here to Review the complete Homestead Plan



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