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I’ve been using a lotion that makes me very happy. Yes, this lotion makes me happy. You don’t understand so let me explain.  I have to be very selective because of my sensitive skin.  It’s been a lifelong search to find something that doesn’t sting my face. Because that’s how I test it. Hey, it’s good enough for my face then it can go all over.  May they never stop making this. Did I say I love it already? I’ve been using this lotion for many years now. Okay, 10 years so it’s high-time I share my little beauty secret. It just takes me a while to getting around to these things. Sorry. Bygones. And regardless, I’m telling you now. And the reason I’m telling you now is because I’m sick of those facial creams that come in those tiny little itty bitty one ounce bottles for $85 Dollars. Goodbye. So long suckers.  Say hello to my big friend.  What started out as a test turned into an on going love affair with saving my skin and saving me a lot of money.

More about the Lotion from the back of the Lotion

It promotes natural skin health, maintains elasticity and suppleness and ensures good moisture content of the skin thanks to its moisture replenishing formula. In other words, this natural lotion is my friend when it comes to fighting signs of dry skin, dehydration and provides excellent protection from external contamination and pollutants due to the Irish Moss. Not only does it help fight signs of skin damage but also promotes healthy skin by providing Vitamins A, B, C and E with a good dosage of other botanical and herbal extracts such as soybean seed extract, noni juice, green tea, aloe vera gel an Icelandic moss. However, the key ingredient remains the Irish Moss.

Health Benefits Of Irish Moss

Found mostly on the mossy rocks of Ireland, it is locally called as ‘carrageen’. It means Moss of the Rocks and this is possibly because it is found on submerged rocks clinging to the underside. This moss is harvested typically in the New England states, shorelines of Canada and along the entire coast of Ireland. As for the health benefits of Irish Moss, it transcends just cosmetic benefits. Here are a few additional advantages of using its jelly.

  • Great with bronchial infections such as cough and asthma
  • Treatment of gastritis and indigestion
  • Treatment of urinary infections and cystitis
  • Excellent blood thinner and removes blood clots
  • Speeds up recuperation from diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumonia
  • Has anti-viral traits

As for skin based relief, Irish Moss is an excellent natural moisture barrier that helps prevent flaking of skin, dryness-related problems and helps attract more moisture into the skin.  It greatly enhances the lipid concentration in the skin and helps it retain moisture for longer. Quite naturally, an Irish Moss facial moisturizer helps keep up the skin appearance while smoothing out rough skin throughout the body.

What Makes Natria Irish Moss Skin Care Lotion Ideal?

By now you probably must be thinking that this is yet another luxury beauty care product. Truth is that many brands do portray it as such.  But the good news is Natria Irish Moss Lotion comes in a large 8.4 oz tube for just under $13, which is exactly what you would pay for a really small pouch of the same from any other brand.  In a way, you end up getting 8 times the quantity and the same quality without having to pay extra.

$10 for a pouch of SPF-15 sunscreen lotion that uses Irish Moss and is advertised only to help prevent sunburns. This is exactly what lot of companies are doing thanks to the ignorance of consumers about the abundance of this key ingredient and its many uses. They end up recycling the same content, and even re-branding their existing products and reselling it at a higher price promising just one “miracle” effect whereas Irish Moss is your do-it-all natural skin cream.

Remember, skin care isn’t about paying premium for luxury quality products; it is about paying for products that work. Not  from high flying gimmicks. Natria’s Irish Moss Lotion is an all natural skin care product that has got zero side effects and is it vegetarian-friendly while providing a perfect luxury treatment to your skin.  In short, it is eight times the size, three times effective and zero side effects for skin care problems.


How It Works (product description and my own experience)

Irish Moss Hand & Body Lotion is designed for overall skin care needs and promotes skin health, suppleness and elasticity. It contains a unique moisture-replenishing complex that protects against harmful, external, drying elements and ensures optimal hydration. It also provides important vitamins (A, B, C and E) that deposit vital nutrients directly to the skin and essential herbal and botanical extracts, including Irish Moss extract, aloe vera gel, green tea, soybean seed extract, Icelandic moss and noni juice that provide natural skin-nourishing benefits. Apply generously as needed to my face, hands and body….for $13 and 8.4 fluid ounces, I really don’t mind using a lot 🙂

Irish Moss
Irish Moss


Ingredient list…

Water, glycerin, Irish moss extract, Iceland moss extract, safflower seed oil, soybean seed extract, soybean lipids, squalene, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, aloe vera, green tea extract, matricaria flower extract, ginkgo extract, Asian ginseng root extract, sea lettuce extract, grape seed extract, fragrance (essential oils), corn oil, noni extract

Most comparable product cost 4 times more…

I bought a bottle of  Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Moisturizer. It contains SPF 15 and cost me $10.00 for 2 oz.   It is a great moisturizer with a pleasant scent. The box describes it as a “complete facial care complex with Irish moss, vitamin C and green tea extract”.   Other good points are it is 100% vegetarian ingredients, is paraben free, and is not tested on animals. But for the price, I’m sticking with the Natria Irish Moss because I can use it as a facial moisturizer & body lotion.


The Bottom Line

I couldn’t go back to using something else even if I wanted to because most other facial creams either stings or burns. One very expensive wonder cream with “natural” ingredients actually felt as if it bit my cheeks.  And it was just a small half ounce jar.  That’s insane. Seriously, I’m never going back.  So now you know.  I’m saving money + saving the planet by using a larger container + sticking it to the greedy, money-lubbin’ companies selling those tiny azz jars + saving my own skin, literally. What’s not to like here?





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