January 29

Making Small Shifts for Great Results


I used to believe that getting great results was equal to a lot of hard work and making a lot of sacrifices.  Now I know better. Making small shifts for great results does not have to strained. For me, change not about size, it’s about direction.

Leap of Faith
leap of faith

I have seen again and again that making small shifts can bring BIG results.God has big things planned for me and I believe I can achieve all the desires of my heart. By listening to God, discerning and then making small shiftswithout always knowing exactly where I’m going–my light is bright and prime for the making because I am willing.

Making even small changes can be terrifying. But fear just keeps you small. I simply choose to evict fear which clear the space for t
he work to begin –the novel inside just bursting to get out, the hidden musical talent simmering beneath wishing for an outlet.

My wish for you and for myself is to keep moving –upward, onward, and forward.



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