Howdy!  Here’s my “bucket list” –love the movie; hate the name –.  I’m busy working on my wish list with a variety of business and creative endeavors to make all of my dreams come true…one day at a time.  Life is what you make it so dream on dreamers; keep dreaming big dreams! -A



  • Swim in the Dead Sea
  • Face my irrational fear of bugs (this may never happen)
  • Adopt another cat from the animal shelter; there’ll never be another Sam, Tiger, Perkins, Willy, or Kitty-Katie (sigh)
  • Adopt a dog from the animal shelter for the boy (I’m hoping he’ll grow out of this)



  • Eat less chocolate chips cookies (this may never happen)
  • Switch to a completely vegan diet 
  • Do 50 sit-ups everyday (hey, I’m up to 15 each day now, yeah me!)
  • Workout on the stationary bike for 1 mile everyday (I’m getting there…up to 3x per week)



  • Donate 10% of my book sales to the Venus Project. To learn more about the Venus Project please visit the
  • Volunteer 1 hour each week to S.O.M.E. (So Others May Eat)
  • Volunteer 1 hour each week at my son’s school



  • Record a song in a professional recording studio
  • Write my first fictional novel, Trail. Oooh, while I was writing the summary, it triggered a series of 5 books
  • Write Queen Material –  book for women waiting on their Boaz, a man without compromise, with special attention on single mothers
  • Offer a vegan version of Taste of Panama: From My Family to Yours



  • Re-launch online biz coaching (okay but only for 3 months)
  • Re-design Magic of Doing from landing page to content site
  • Panamanian restaurant has a new name. The new name is Taste of Panama Bar & Grill and is currently in the planning phase.


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