January 17

We All Had a Fling with a Jerk or Two We’d Like to Forget


This is a response posted on YouTube where Oprah’s ex-boyfriend talks about his tell-all book a.k.a. “the jealous loser” book. My favorite part is on the subject line. It cracks me up every time I read it.


“Crackhead, please!I read an excerpt from your book. You say you brought a bag of cocaine to her house, then you were shocked-I mean fucking flabbergasted-when she showed you how to smoke it? Get real! And if that poor girl from Mississippi is such an addict, my hat goes off to her for keeping her shit together for 30 years-unlike yourself.She doesn’t need your forgiveness or reminders-we all had a fling with a dumbass or two we’d like to forget when we were younger, then we got a life. Try it.

What ashame that you have nothing better to do with your time. No one is infalible. You sound like a “man” scourned. You must be very weak to have succumb to Oprah’s ways. She managed to overcome, why can’t you?”




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